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How to upload documents by email inside of the application
How to upload documents by email inside of the application
Submitting your documents by email inside the application
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If you need to submit additional documents or photos to us, this article will help you to do so inside of the application.

Often the government will require you to upload certain documents before they can finish processing your visa application. We make it easy for you to upload the necessary documents right on our site. When you are logged into your account, your applications are listed on the main screen.

You can click on any of the following to access your application:

  1. Your Order #

  2. Incomplete under the word Status

  3. The View button under Actions

Clicking any of those links will open up your application.

The status bar at the top of your application shows you which section of the application you are currently working on.

You will see the personal information tab first. The circle is blue indicating you are working on that section now. You can review the information you have already provided and then at the bottom, click the green button to proceed to the next screen.

The progress bar at the top shows you are now on the documents page. You are now in the section of the application where you can submit your documents. The circle is now blue to show you are on this section of the application.

If you wish to email the documents to us, click on the Send By Email tab inside of the application.

Once you open the tab, an email address will appear. You can click on the email address and it will open up a new email. You can then attach your documents to the email and send them to us. Please include your Order # in the subject line of the email.

Once you send the email, it will submit the documents to your account. This can take a few minutes.

Once your items are uploaded, you can select the green Submit Application button at the bottom of the screen.

You will now be on the page showing your current order. You can see your order number and that the application has been received. As your application moves through each step, the status on the left will change to reflect which stage of the application process you are currently in.

If you wish to submit your documents using another method, please go to this article to see the other options available to you.

Safe travels!

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