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How do I claim my discount?
How do I claim my discount?
Claiming your discount
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If you have received an email from us offering you a discount on your next order, here are the instructions on how to claim that discount.

Inside the email we sent you is a link. There is a “click here” link in the body of the email and there is a green button with the words, “GET MY DISCOUNT”. You can click on either of them and they will take you to our website.

Once you are on our website, there will be a yellow banner on the bottom of the site showing you the discount.

To claim the discount, you will need to start the application process by entering in the information on the main screen of "Where am I From?" and "Where am I Going?" Then, click on the green "Get Started!" button.

Once you reach the billing screen, your discount will show up in the Order Details.

All you need to do now is complete your purchase. Your discount has been automatically applied.

Safe travels!

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