As you are completing your application for a visa or another travel document, most governments require a photo of your passport and/or other documents. In order to process your application in a timely manner, we need a clear photo of your passport and/or other documents to submit.

We can accept the following file types: JPG, PNG, or PDF

When taking a photograph or making a scan of your passport or other documents, please note the following guidelines:

  1. The image must be a color scan of the photo and personal details page (name, date of birth, nationality, expiry date, etc.)

  2. Make sure to include the signature page when applicable.

  3. All information must be clearly visible and no information should be cut off.

  4. Minimum dimensions: 500x352 pixels

We also have a great video walking you through how to take a compliant photo of your documents.

If the document photo you have submitted does not meet the quality standards, we will email you requesting a new document photo be sent to us before we can process your application. Since your application is time-sensitive, we hope this guide will help you to take the perfect photo of your passport and/or other documents the first time so we can move forward with acquiring your necessary travel documents as quickly as possible.

If you need help submitting your documents, please see our guide here on how to submit these items to your account.

Safe travels!

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