When we send your email letting you know your visa and/or travel documents have been approved and your order is complete, we attach the documents to the email.

They show up at the bottom of the email with a little paperclip next to them.

Click on the words next to the paperclip and the documents will download for you.

If you cannot locate the email we sent or you cannot find the documents attached to the email, you can also download them from your account. In order to download your travel documents from your account, you will need to login here.

Enter your email address associated with your account and your password.

When you login, you will be automatically taken to your account screen. Under My Applications you can find the most recent order.

Click on your Order #, Status, or the View button under Actions. The next screen will show your Processed Orders/Completed Documents. To the left is the name of the document. To the right is a green Download button. Click the button of the document you need to download.

Safe travels!

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