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How to complete my application?
How to complete my application?

A step-by-step guide.

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Welcome to the second phase of your application ✈️🌍 Follow the steps to find out what you need to do!

📌 Step 1:

After completing the first section of the application you would have ended at this pop-up message.

☑️ Click on the “Finish my application” button.

  • If you applied for a guided entry visa: you’ll receive an application guide to help you complete the process.

  • If your application is not a guided visa: follow the next steps.

📌 Step 2:

Once you’ve clicked on the “Finish my application” button, you’ll then be taken to this page.

  • On the left side of this screen, you'll find the remaining sections of the application form that need your attention.

  • To the right of the screen, you'll see the questions relating to the current section.

📌 Step 3:

☑️ To begin answering the questions, click on the box below each question. This section includes text boxes for typing your response and dropdown options for selecting answers.

☑️ Once you have provided responses for each section and it's ready to proceed, you'll notice green ticks at the end of the box.

📌 Step 4

☑️ To complete this section of the application form, click on the “save and continue” button.

📌 Step 5:

You’ll then be taken to the next section of the application form to complete. When you finish a section, look for the green tick on the left side of the screen, next to the section name.

📌 Step 6:

☑️ Now, the same way you completed the steps above, do that for the remaining sections of the application.

📌 Step 7:

Once you have successfully completed every section of the application, take note of the green ticks, you’ll need to upload the required documents.

These would have been mentioned in the pop-up message after you completed the first section of the application.

📌 Step 8:

To upload your documents correctly:

☑️ Click the “Add document” button found to the right of the screen.

☑️ Read the instructions in the tap that opens up.

☑️ Click the “Upload” button to submit your document.

Congratulations! 🎉 Your application has been submitted to us!

Our experts will review it and send it to the government. If we need more info, we'll reach out to you via email, but don't stress - we'll guide you through each step!

Need more help on uploading your document? Read our how-to article below 📝

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