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How to upload documents

Follow these 5 steps to complete your document submissions.

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Uploading documents correctly is a crucial part of the application process, one that can make the difference in how quickly your visa gets delivered! Follow these steps to get your visa as soon as possible.

1. Near the end of your application form, you'll upload your documents.

All the documents that need to be uploaded will be listed on the page. Select the button next to each document, labeled "Add document" or "Add photo."

Note: Each travel document has its application form with specific questions and required documents. This image is just an example.

2. Read the instructions carefully.

To ensure government compliance, follow our detailed upload guidelines. Avoid delays in the process by following each instruction carefully.

When you're ready, select the "Upload" button.

3. Upload your file.

Choose from three options: Browse from your desktop, scan the QR code using your phone, or email your files.

Note: Note: Make sure your file is in the correct format before scanning, uploading, or emailing.

4. Upload the next document.

After uploading your first document, you'll be directed to the next file that needs to be uploaded.

Select "Upload next document" to complete this section.

5. Submit your application!

After uploading all your documents, answer the remaining questions (if there are any), then submit your application.

Here's what comes next.

You'll receive an email confirming that we're reviewing your application to ensure it's government-compliant. Check your email for updates from us.

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