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Is iVisa a legitimate company?
Is iVisa a legitimate company?
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Yes, we are a legitimate company. Founded in 2012, iVisa is a leading online visa service provider that helps travelers get the documentation they need to travel to over 130 countries. With over 1 million applications processed, we provide expertise, simple and secure application process, 24/7 customer support, and world-class security make it easy for you to get your visa and start your journey.

Please note most countries offer the ability to process a travel visa without a service fee. The main reason we process thousands of travel visas per month is we save our customers time and frustration. Our service includes an user-friendly website and application forms. It is much easier to process your application at, especially for mobile users and large groups. We send all of our clients the documentation they need, days before travel. This is especially helpful for those passengers who purchase a visa months in advance- and can therefore focus on the more important travel details as their departure date approaches. We also have a 24-hour customer service team who can be contacted via chat, email and text message. We accept multiple currencies and our website has been translated into over 20 languages. We believe our fee is worth your time and sanity but if you're concerned about the financial impact of your application then it's worth noting that most governments have their own "free" service for your requirements.

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