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How to cancel my iVisa Plus subscription?
How to cancel my iVisa Plus subscription?

A step-by-step guide.

Written by Jessica
Updated over a week ago

Follow our straightforward instructions for a seamless cancellation process. Please be aware that, currently, you can only cancel your subscription using a computer. Let's begin.

Step 1

Login to your iVisa account using your order number or dedicated email.

Step 2

Go to the top right of the screen and click on your name. Then click on “iVisa Plus”.

Step 3

Read your plan details so that you’re aware of the benefits that will be deactivated. Then click on "Manage plan" to continue.

Step 4

Under “Manage plan” you’ll be able to change your subscription plan. However, to continue with the cancellation process, scroll down to the “Want to cancel your plan?” section. Look for the text that says “iVisa Plus automatic renewal | ON” and click the blue icon to the right to turn off auto renewal.

Step 5

Read the explanation of what happens when you turn off "auto renew," and take note of the date your benefits will end. Selecting a reason for canceling, then click on "Cancel subscription."

Step 6

  • Once you've successfully canceled, you'll receive a "success" notification, like the one below. Just click on "Ok" to finish the process.

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