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How to request a refund?
How to request a refund?

Complete your refund request in 6 steps.

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Want a refund? No problem!

You can request one within 3 months of your purchase date and the process only takes a few minutes.

View our Refund Policy to find out if you're eligible.

If you're eligible, follow these 6 steps to get your refund:

  1. Begin by making sure you’re logged into your iVisa account.

  2. Connect with us on our WhatsApp or our start a chat with us by selecting the green icon on the bottom right of this screen (see screenshots for reference).

    A screenshot of the iVisa Refund Policy page. In the lower righthand corner of the screenshot, there is a circular icon representing the iVisa chatbot.

    This screenshot shows what the iVisa chatbot looks like when it's opened. There is a rectangular window that says "Hi there. How can we help?" and the options include connecting with iVisa through Whatsapp, sending a message to the chatbot, or searching for help.

  3. Select the “Help with my order” option.

  4. Enter your registered email and six-digit order number.

  5. Select “Cancel and refund” and follow the instructions to get the link to your refund form.

  6. Complete the form and that’s it!

To receive your refund, you must:

  • Meet the criteria described in our Refund Policy

  • Enter your registered email and order number correctly

  • Be logged into your iVisa account before you open your refund form link (If you select the link before logging in, log in and then select the link again)

Once you’ve submitted the form, you’ll receive a confirmation email.


  • Once we approve your refund, it's sent immediately. If you don't see the money in your account, please contact your bank—sometimes they take up to 14 business days to reflect the refund.

  • If you purchased Denial Protection, and the government rejects your application, we will automatically refund you the amount you paid, minus the Denial Protection fee.

You can see the detailed steps in this video:

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