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How to manage my iVisa Plus subscription
How to manage my iVisa Plus subscription

Follow these 4 steps to make an update to your iVisa Plus subscription.

Written by Jessica
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If you're looking to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your iVisa Plus plan, just follow these 4 steps to make the changes you need!

1. Log in to your iVisa account.

2. Select your name from the website navigation menu. Then select “iVisa Plus.”

3. Go to the "Your plan" section.

When you're ready select "Manage Plan."

4a) Upgrade or downgrade your plan...

To upgrade or downgrade, select the plan that best suits you, verify your details haven't changed, and submit payment if you’re upgrading. (If you’re downgrading, please note you’ll be charged the cost of an Individual plan when your annual subscription renews.)

4b) …or cancel your plan.

Scroll down to the "Want to cancel your plan?" section, and change the toggle to “OFF.” This will reveal a question asking about your reason for canceling.

Select a reason, and select "Cancel Subscription."

Note: Please read the terms on what will happen if you do decide to cancel.

When you’re done managing your plan, you’ll see a dialog box confirming that your changes have been saved.

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